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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Horse training tip. The Mouth

In horse training discussion training the horses mouth is a deep subject and I am sure there will be some in the horse training field who differ in their opinions about aspects of what I say. Its OK because what works for you is what is important and there are many ways to do the same thing. Horse training tips are just that a tip.

Wile at a horse show some years back, I observed a old time trainer biting up a horse. This horse was a champion many times. I ask him why do you bit this horse he is perfect already. He said Son, I'll give you a horseman's tip. A horses mouth is always either getting better or worse. The horses mouth never stays the same unless its so bad it can't get any worse. Like hooking the reins to a fence post.

What is a good mouth?

If you lack balanced and control of your hands a good mouth for you would be one that is forgiving of you. Not too sensitive.You will be able to keep your balance wile holding on to the horses mouth. Its kind of like water skiing. This is not a bad thing. a lot of armatures are riding like this. The horse takes care of them and is tolerant of the bad or wrong input to the bridle. Children need this kind of mouth on a horse until they develop their balance. Older adults and people with disabilities search out these mounts.

If you are an accomplished equestrian training your horse, perhaps your professional or seasoned armature, you will want a very sensitive mouth. Why? You can do so much more. If a horse responds to your little finger then tiny corrections are possible at critical times. You can also help your horse balance. Change his motion, Check his cadence. In other words it gives you a lot more control. This would be like a responsive sports car as opposed to say grandma's Buick. A person with poor balance and bad hands would drive this horse crazy. If the horse is game and you have this control then you really have something.

Having a good mouth then could mean different things to different skill levels.

Biting a horse is essential to creating a sensitive and dynamic control of your horse. I always let my horses wear the bitting rig at least three times a week for about fifteen minutes at a time. This is in addition to his regular work out. Work in the morning bit in the afternoon. If you are not familiar with the procedure I will write more in a later post.

One thing I want to stress in horse training, is never do anything to cause your horse pain. Gentle pressure is OK. I like to think of training the horse as a process of bending over time. Horse training should be enjoyable for both you and your horse. I have seen those with little manhood  do battle with an animal just to prove who was boss. Well It only proves who was the fool.
Have fun, love your animals.

Rich Swiger